A new beginning....

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Did it work?? can u all see that porn vid?

OMG....i just made the big switch to a Mac.... & i feel like im learning a new language.... i have no fuckin clue how to use this new thing.... I just figured out how to cut n paste links n shit.... i know... im lame.... but this thing dont even have a right click button on the mouse... I feel like i have to learn to use a computer again...Im just soooo used to PC's & Windows....

so what else have i been upto.... hmmm, well... I can now watch porn super fast....which is awesome... & i can start using Facebook again, watching funny videos & listening to cool music remixes..... so far im luvin it !!

I noticed alot of the vids ive pasted on the blog r gone.... thats cause the Ning sites r all going down... and whatever vids r left will probably disappear soon, so go light a J... stroke ur dicks & watch em soon !!

Been enjoyin some time off... been watchin movies.... strokin my dick up in the gym steamroom & hanging out with a bunch of my piggy buddies lately... gettin more aquainted with em on a more social level... u know? ....past the suck n fuck, seed n leave level of piggery...

Me & one pigbud actually had lunch... in broad daylight... in public !! ...like yeah, that dont happen often.... he had to run off for an appointment.... so i never got a chance to suggest a quick blowjob in the Starbucks bathroom. They r huge here!! Perfect size bathrooms for a quick n sleazy pump n dump !! LOL

Then on another cold Canadian winter night.... i was just plannin on chilin, tokin n strokin my dick here at home.... then suddenly i had 4 guys on their way over to seed my ass & i was quickly showering clean.... 2 of the bitches didnt arrive.... i wont be chattin up those losers again.... one guy that arrived was ughhh....how do i put this....Borderline Fugly.... but i was sooo stoned.... it was freezing, so i let him inside where me and another fukbud were tokin n chillin on the couch.
The chemistry felt so off....but the leaf was makin me so Super Horny for dick in my ass, I just got up n stripped down.... bent over n sucked my buddies dick hard & let em both take turns raw fuckin my hole......

Bordeline fugly couldnt cum... but my other fukbud threw me a nice hot fuck & shot his load really Deep in my ass !! ...like so fuckin deep, i couldnt even feel it leaking outta my hole :) Then we started chillin out again & it took me an hour to get rid of the Fug.... my told my other fukbud to get dressed to give him the hint.... LOL... so i says, "OK...time to shoot u both out the door one by one, so the neighbours dont wonder"!! LOL, they had a good chuckle, although once i got Fugs outta here, my intention was to keep my fukbuddy entertained a bit longer.... So we start stripping & sleazin it up again, & talkin dirty.... I let some of his load leak outta my ass & he went to town eating out my hole.... i scooped up a bunch of spooge that i squirted out...lubbed up his dick & went down on slurping on his sloppy cum coated dick....i luv the fuckin taste of my ass mixed with cum on a hard slimy cock.... feeling it pound my wet cumhole a bit... then flipping around to slurp n suck all that juice off !! Woof !! ...im soooo fuckin hard right now thinkin about it..... damn, its all gone now.... i had to squirt most of it out this mornin when i got up cause i felt gassy :p LOLOL

so my fukbud actually stayed over.... i was covered in cum & we just cuddled n spooned.... then fell asleep cuddlin n snoozin to piggy dreams.... fuck... he brought over some really good leaf to smoke up.... im gettin me some of his good shit to try out soon.... i think we'll be swapping loads alot more often, cause he's got a pretty nice fukhole to spunk up too :) ....i always like new beginnings.... Im not implying i wanna marry the guy... but he's fun to chill, toke n fuck with.... and u can never have enuf sleazy fukbuds on hand :p

ok...so bare with me, while i try n figure out my new Mac....
...im just luvin being able to watch porn so quickly again.....ahhh new beginnings :))

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Scott said...

Yes, the vids work! And congrats on coming over to the Mac side. If you're scared of the 1-button mouse you *can* get a 2-button and do the same things.

Anonymous said...

Wow, fuck that last porn was hot as fuck. It reminds me of the dicking I got this summer. Fat, juicy nine incher. It was massive. He didn't fuck me hard (which I was kind of jonsing for) but he fucked me good for about an hour both times we fucked. I wish I still had his number because my hole is twitching now and I have a wet spot on my jeans.


angrywaff1e on AIM

PatFiction said...

damn, hot fucking post. you're much better off with a mac!!!