Sluts in lust ?!?!?!

after 2 xmas parties this weekend.... i need to desperately jerk off... The 1st one was work related.... Id never been to my co-workers house b4... him and his partner had the place renovated and decorated like Liberachi's house... i felt like puking... and there was a pond in the back yard... Yeah !!! A pond !!! Fuck me... and all their faggy friends started showing up, I felt like i was in a re-run of Dallas.... so me and my date scooted outta there... although, my co-worker's ethnic little husband is a hottie... a vanilla hottie... but he's got a tight little fuckin ass id luv to fuck !! ....and last nights party was at a friends... the vibe was sooooo weird... me and this little asian chick started passing a J, and talked about White Cock half the night...and then these 2 str8 boys watched me toking in the bedroom, and looked like they wanted to rape me, or get raped... such a weird fuckin vibe.... One of em was this tall slim black dude that looked really hot... and the other guy was this preppy lookin jew boy... and i soooo bet they wanted to suck dick... they kept on following me around the apartment like puppies... i dunno, mabey i was the one really stoned... but i can tell when a bunch of young dudes r horny... If it wasnt for the place being packed with chicks and other people, i coulda sooooo started a 3some on my friends bed last nite !! I woulda let those 2 boys just stuff n ram my holes full with their dicks... damn!!!

i havent fely my own sticky load running down my abs & soaking up on my smelly crotch in ages... i need to fuckin jerk off!!

well a few days back ...me n a fukbud fucked yet again.... he ordered dinner...polished off a bottle of wine.... toked, chilled & fell asleep spooning....like what the fuk ?!?! .... i woke up in the morning, ate out his hole good & rammed my fat dick in his ass. Stradled him on top and rode his ass for awhile till i shot his hole full of goo....
he made me coffee and buttered bagels ...got dressed & went to work with my jizz swimming up his ass...

im cookin dinner for this guy again tomorrow nite, & my ass is going up for auction :p
r we just both sluts in lust....or is this luvv ?!?!?!

fuk me !!!

and this next vid dude.... sooo fuckin hot.... the chemistry between these leather boys soooo turns me on....
u know its just porn....
...but r they just sluts in lust... or is it Luvv ?!?!?!

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so me & "the" fukbud.... i guess i can call him that... "the" fukbud, instead of just any ol' fukbuddy... there's sooo many....anyways.... we've talked about doing some group stuff together... i get the impression he's a bit more on the shy side, but he's really interested and turned on by seeing more group action.... especially if im taking part in it :P
....toronto is generally a pretty lame place for group parties and shit... most guys here have sooooo many inhibitions, and the available venues & facilities r limited in this town...
...but im sure i could def arrange something.... like he wants to watch a bunch of guys use my hole :))

hmmm...too bad i never got an invite to the party in the next vid....

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OMG !!!! I had to include this next vid... its such a fuckin gag... like AS IF this would ever happen on a plane...like Yeah The Fuckin Right !!!!
I cant sleep for shit on a flight... so i think i would notice two guys strokin dicks and fucking infront of me... Like is that Chick supposed to be pretending to sleep ?!?! Bad bad BAAAAAD video.... And Like AS IF you would ever get a fuckin seat row that fuckin wide in a plane.... Cmon !!! Who shot this stupid ass porn...
But u know what... cause im flying high as a kite right now... That chick in the middle seat... once the camera pans in for a zoom on her at the end... i realized something... I dont think its a chick... It looks like a really ugly drag queen !!!!

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ok...ok... i just found another really stupid... but hot vid... Im in the mood for a nice juicy Chicken Shwarma... i luv feelin the hummus run down my goatee and chin...and trying to lick it off... I just wish i had passed by that place in Berlin... I soooo woulda luved tasting the "secret sauce".. YUMMS !!!

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ok... i gotta run.... sooo much shit to get done... i still havent put up any christmas lights or the tree... i gotta do that shit soon... and i gots to hit the gym... fuck... i can see the outline of my six pack poking thru... i cant stop now... im obsessed... sometimes all u want for Christmas is a six-pack and dick up ur ass in the steam sauna !!! LOL
im such a slutt!!


Anonymous said...


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Sean said...

Yeah...that was a guy in the middle but the two boys looked like they were twins or at least brothers

Anonymous said...

Dude, i love the bareback fuck party video!