The Ikea Years...

I luv hot amateur fuck vids...
and i luv watching this french slut film all his tricks !!

and this next one... reminds me of my Ikea Years... u know, those care free, shop till u drop years at Ikea, were u have lots of carefree sex, holding onto dear life on an ikea table, or bookcase and hope to god it doesnt collapse on you... LOL !! ...and those guys that still hold onto the "Ikea Years" past the age of 30, r losers :)

fuck... anyone into felching cum from a hot ass will luv this one :))

Sports Gear....

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Umm... too hot for words, Yes :)

and this twinky reminds me of good ol times... i luv fucking a slutty twink hole and creamin it good :)

...and here's another hot bareback cum felching vid i posted awhile back... its worth waiting to see the ending :))

im off to Ikea :)

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Eric Sean said...

OMG!, the gloryhole flick is my buddy here in Seattle. His ass tasted good when i ate it...but i'm sure it's a great butthole to fuck & jizz too. mmm.