Day of Hard Labour.....

happy holidays...its just a monday here in europe...and its a holiday back home in canada....fuck...i left the beach today...in a big big city...with a lot of hot hot hot fuckin dick....just got here...on the hotel comp...and this place is fuckin nice....really nice....and gay gay...really nice....im ´bout to have a swim at the rooftop pool and sauna....thats what i mean by nice....fuck me!

but i did hard labour....carried my fuckin 30kg suitcase around train & metro stations...fuck its hot...im sweatin like a pig...my armpits REEEEK...Woof!! ...and ive been fuckin glued to CNN...that hurricane is gonna fuckin knock & rock ur fuckin dicks to kindom CUM!!! Wow...u poor bastards....ur fucked!

...so my last few days...slower than usual...gots me 3 loads in a row one nite from the same guy...just kept blastin em in...and i kept on lickin them off :) ...last nite..almost bred the same little slutty bitch from the other nite...´cept i pulled out...looked at my shitty dick...hit him...put my dick back in pants...and then i shoved his whole body into the ground and mashed his head into the sand....FUCK...SLUT!!!

yaaa....so...off to better things now....can btm me much of late...somethin´s fuckin with my tummy...not good...givin my ass a break...fuck me.... so here´s a labour day story i´d thought i´d share with ya....was sent in by one of my viewers....since im in a rush...and dont have much to share now...and i cant jerk off...im in the hotel lobby...well...2nd lobby...i said the place was really fuckin nice!! ...sent to me by an american mid-western stud...here we go...Njoy :))


American mid-western stud wrote:

"Damn, did it again, 6am and my hole is drenched, how's that for labor day?????

i'm sure i got knocked up by one of the dudes, so in 9 months my nice abs will be stretched :-).

wasn't doin much so i cruised all of the norrmal sites and then on CL it happened. found an add for a party that said only tops apply, i said "fuck that" and sent an e-mail with pics, the dude responded right away. he said that he had around 20 guys lined up and invited me over. did i go, fuck yeah!!

got there and there were only about 12 guys, but most of them were smokin hot, but still had their clothes on, go figure. well i fixed that, started rubbing these two fuckin studs crotches and the game was on. the next thing i know someone is fingering my hole and shoving poppers under my nose. was kinda dizzy from the poppers when i feel someone poking my hole with their cock, didn't even look back, but rather thrusted my hole twords the invader. rocked on the dudes dick for a couple of minutes then i saw this stud stoking his fuckin HUGE dick across the room. pulled off the current hole wrecker and wandered across the room.

first just got on my knees and licked the guys balls and then he lifted his legs and he showed me his hairy hole, what's a guy to do? me, i stuck my tounge in that pink beauty and went to town. next thing i know I feel another cock pokin me, so i open up and make them feel welcome. the dude fucks the shit out me and dumps a nice one in me. meanwhile, mr hairy hole is writhing from my tounge lashing, but begins to give the signs that hes gonna shoot. jumped off my first loader, thanked him by licking his cummy cock for about a minute and then jumped right up on my hairy hole. danm if that dude didn't wreck me. i thought he was ready to cum, but brother this fucker fucked me every way i thought was possible. wanted him to shoot in my hole, but he pulled out and stuck his dick in my mouth and shot, thought i was being waterboarded!!

enough rambling, needless to say i took 4 more"

WOW....nice shit eh... I think he fuckin writes better than me! Fuck that shit...and if u get offended by me posting the shit u send me...Get over it! ...i would never post a pic or personal details of ur shit... but shit like that above...Its all mine to use and abuse as i please :)


Topseed said...

No, he doesn't write better than you, stud. I fucking love your hot blog.

And if you get to Chicago I'll put my load deep in your hole.

pigboy said...

Awww...ur so sweet...and ur load would probably taste sweeter dripping outta my used hole...send me ur details stud...i´ll def be back in chi town soon...probably for IML :p

Anonymous said...

i agree, i don't write better than pigboy all i do is transcibe the situations i happen to run into. pigboy is a little more creative and gruff, which is hot.

left it anonymous cause i wanted to.

stl here pigboy

Topseed said...

Pigboy: check me out on manhunt/chicago. profile is Topseed. and, yeah, it's what I do.