My Wish List....

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(cheers to Sperm-my-Cumhole for posting this hot shit :))

Hot Hot fuckin stuff!! ...but this shit only happens in porn....

like... when would anyone be as lucky....to be surrounded by 10 hot guys...& get bred by them one by one in a row??? ...only in porn.... and thats why we watch it!!

lol... i always try to do alot of stuff i see in porn...i luv to re-enact the situations...dress the part... its fuckin fun... mabey i gotta buy me a nanny cam & secretly film some of the shit i get upto....that would be fun!! ...id have to get a backpack with a mobile hidden cam...cause most of my sleazy pigouts happen on the road.... but i could totally hide a cam im my bedroom and film a hot fukbud climbing thru my window for a hard late nite rape fuk!! i gotta look into that...Mabey ill put it in my xmas wish list.....

ive been good Santa!! Ive taken every load thrown in my direction up my ass like a good little boy this year!! And ive bred every hole that deserved my jizz load nice n deep....ive never pulled out!! LOLOL.... Saaaanta Claus is Cummiiiiiiing to Towwwwnnnn !!!!

i know what i want !! A hot thick dicked Brazilian Pimp....he feeds my habit for weed...& sells my ass for seed... its a Win-Win !! ...just see below... the top can pimp me out any fuckin time :p

[OK...UPDATE : if these videos dont work here for some fucked up reason... Go to Sperm my Cumholes blog and watch em...They're hot!! ]

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U better not hide!
U better not lie!
U better not try...Im tellin U Whyyy....

Santa Claus is cuuuuuuumiiiiiing to Toooowwwwwwnnnn !!

fuk...am i ever stoned.... When the fuk do i ever sing christmas carols... Holy shit !! im freaking myself out here.... if my friends saw me singing this shit i think they'd rush me to a priest LOLLOL !!

i might even end up posting Christmas Carols on the music player... Haha !! I luv that Japanese song on there... i sing along with it in some sorta broken up stoned version of english & it cracks me up all the time...& Dj Champion...they're awesome....they're Canadian from the East Coast...Dontcha know eh!! I luv em..those cakey Maritimers...They're the best to light up a nice joint with & shoot the shit with eh!! I wanna go visit the House they Filmed Anne of Green Gables in!! Walk in all stoned eh!! And fuk some red headed 18 y/o tour guide in the cellar eh!!

fuk... I got a big wish list for ya Santa!! :))


NatureJockk said...

really cute and energetic,
I visit your site all the time dude. You have a great mix of stuff

NatureJockk said...

Great site.

All the gay porn groups on NING are gone.

It is why so many of your vids are dead.